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What does Oscar want for Christmas?

As we enter the month of December this is a question I'm getting asked alot! Oscar is non verbal so doesn't physically ask for anything. He is well equipped at home so doesn't physically NEED anything. *need being the main word!

The next questions people seem to ask: What has Oscar asked Santa for? What is Santa bringing Oscar? What are we getting Oscar? I don't mind people asking as it's December it's normal (if there is ever such a thing as normal 😂) but these questions do often make me sad. When people ask the equivalent question about Noah he could have anything & would be able to play with anything.

If i had to say one thing I'd love to buy Oscar this year it'd be a bike. As alot of children will be getting a bike this year this wouldn't be an extraordinary answer untill.... we get a quote for one. £2'260!! This is so much money we can't afford that especially when we have so much concentration on raising funds for life changing treatment.

This price tag isn't because Oscar wants designer wheels or gold paint. This is because it's what Oscar needs! The support he needs! The make of bike he needs!! This makes me so fustrated that i can't give him what he wants but most of all what he needs!

However this feeling gives me more drive than ever! We've raised over £40'000 in 6 months i have no doubt that we will get him his new bike one day. Maybe not in time to be on Santa's sleigh but he's such a happy boy I'm sure he won't mind waiting a little longer!!

Bear this in mind when your buying gifts just so someone has something to open on Christmas morning! Just so you can say you've bought them something. Dont buy for yourself this year think of the bigger picture. Would a donation to chairty or money towards a gift be money better spent.


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