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Virtual Race Night

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

With virtual racing been more popular than ever and a great way to raise money we had to organise one!

On Friday 8th February we will be holding a virtual horse racing night at Walton Club Hull.

Tickets can be purchased at £5 per person to attend the evening & this will include a buffet.

If you've never been to a virtual race night here is a bit more information to explain it.

A virtual race night is very similar to actually going to the races. There will be 8 races each with 8 horses. The races are old races that have been recorded and will be shown on a large screen. Before every race there will be an opportunity to bet on your chosen horse with a minimum £1. You do not have to participate in every race if you do not wish to.

There will be 8 races with the opportunity to sponsor them for £50 per race. If you are to sponsor a race this means you will determine the name of the race which will provide great advertising for yourself. Be quick this opportunity won't be here long! (RACE SPONSORS FULL)

Each horse in every race can also be bought prior to the evening which will increase your chances of winning! This will also mean that you will choose the name of the horse. On the evening everyone will be able to look through the horse names and it will help determine who they bet on, so pick a good one!

For more information or to buy a ticket please get in touch with Arron or Emily!

07834834201 / 07916054985


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