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Locked up

Last night at 7pm myself, Arron and 28 other people got locked up for the night at Grimsby Custody Cells.

Due to the nature of the fundraising event we've not been able to share anything until today. We've all been sponsored for it & considering we've not had social or backing we're amazed how much people have managed to raise. Thank you to everyone that volunteered and gave up their Friday night to take part and help run the evening.

It was the first time I'd been in a police station never mind a cell, it wasn't an experience I wish to do again. I will sleep well tonight that is for sure. You don't realise or appreciate your freedom and free will until it's all stripped from you.

I've been on a rollercoaster ride since June, when we started fundraising. I try not to give myself too much time to think but having 12 hours with not alot to do i had plenty of time. I cant believe how the past 8 months have been, The people that have got on board, the supporters we have, the helpers, family & friends we are so grateful for everything you've all done!

We are still accepting sponsors so if you would like to add to our total and make last night more worth while please head over to our donations page.

Thank you again to everyone that's made this happen. 💕


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