About Oscar

Oscar is our very happy 5 year old boy. He lives at home with us his Mum, Dad and his little brother Noah.


 Oscar was born full term but after a lot of difficulties at birth Oscar was left with brain damaging causing a diagnosis of CP at the age of 18 months. 

Since the age of 6 months Oscar has had to follow a physical programme of various stretches and activities on a daily basis. Oscars condition limits in many ways. He struggles with most everyday activities such as sitting, standing, talking and walking unaided.

Oscar takes various medication several times a day. These medications are to relax Oscar muscles, to help with spasticity, to prevent myoclonic jerks and to reduce saliva.

Oscar has very varied muscle tone which cause him many problems. Along with this Oscar has very tight hamstrings, which restricts his leg movements and can also cause him pain. Oscar has had 2 rounds botox injections (botulinum toxin) to reduce the tightness, however this soon wears off and isn't a permanent treatment which is why we are aiming towards Oscar’s permanent SDR surgery in the USA.

Oscar is a very happy content little boy. He brings joy with his big cheeky smile and brightens up anybodies day. Oscar has an understanding that he cant do everyday activities even though he would like to, but he still makes the most effort to complete and take part in everything he can. Oscar is a very bright little boy and is constantly exceeding all expectations of his teachers and therapist, along with us as his parents.

We are hoping to give Oscar the most comfortable life we can and give him the best opportunities to reach as many goals as possible.