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Oscar's SDR Journey

Oscar's SDR Story

On 28th November we flew to St Louis, USA ready for Oscar's SDR (selective Dorsal Rhizotomy) surgery. On Monday 2nd December we met with Dr Parks for the first time where he confirmed that Oscar is a good candidate for SDR Surgery and recommended he had NRV surgery at the same time. He also recommended Oscar have a surgery called PERCS a week later. 

Oscar went in for the surgery the morning of 3rd December. He did really well and we were constantly updated throughout his surgery.  He woke up just over 3 and a half hours later and was very grumpy and upset. We could instantly see a huge difference in his legs. 

He spent the following 2 days on strict bed rest to heal and control his pain. Day 3 post operation he got up and out of bed for 2 physio sessions. The first session we were taught how to handle him correctly and how to move him in and out of his wheelchair without hurting him. The second session we were shown stretches and exercises that Oscar needs. day 4 post op was again 2 physio sessions then day 5 we got discharged and got to take Oscar back to our apartment. 

On the 12th December 2019 Oscar went back into hospital for PERCS surgery with Dr Dobbs. This is alot shorter surgery and was only 1 hour. He spent the night in hospital before getting discharged the following day. 

Oscar went to St Louis Children's hospital every day (Mon - Fri) as a outpatient for physio therapy sessions. Some sessions were difficult for him as he was a lot weaker after the surgery but every day we could see improvements in him.


From St Louis Children's hospital we got new splints for day use and knee immobilizers for him to wear on a night with his night splints. We got a benik trunk suit to help support his stomach and back muscles. Also while we were in St Louis we went and got some Billy shoes and Bamboo arm braces for Oscar. 

While we were away in St Louis we hired a car and made the most of every day. A few places we visited were the Arch, Forest Park, History museum, Science museum, The Zoo, Ice rink, Disney on ice, St Louis Blues, St Charles, Disney on ice, Wild lights, Budweiser Brewery as well as trips to parks and walks around the local streets and shops. 

On the 7th January we packed our bags and left our apartment at The Orion ready to begin our travels back to the UK. We were so sad to leave the hospital and the therapists. The support and knowledge they gave us was unbelievable we knew we were going to miss them. It was so special to spend so much time away as a family and we feel so honored we got the chance and opportunity to take Oscar for this Life Changing surgery.

Even though surgeons here didn't always agree it would give Oscar a positive outcome in our eyes its the best decision we have ever made for him. 

He's a little trooper and we are so proud of him!!

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